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Address from the Chairman

Dear customers and friends:

              Zhongnan Machinery Company from the initial set up to now, has gone through 12 years of development road.Experienced numerous technical difficulties and the market test, we went today. From scratch, from small to large, our customers for 12 years, the market continued to expand, increasing turnover is growing.Up to now, our products and services cover many fields: from the metal surface treatment, precision machinery parts, pump, precision mold manufacturing, precision sheet metal processing to large and medium-sized diesel engine key parts, elevator parts, high-voltage power distribution switch cabinet key parts and components manufacturing to precision CNC equipment manufacturing.
       "Around the core technology to extend the industrial chain" is the director of Zhongnan Machinery Company will not only some development policy. In order to achieve professional development, we have established the Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd, Foshan fowei Precision Machine Co., Ltd, Gaoyao fowei Precision Machine Co., Ltd and Xiamen fowei Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd.
       We know that the achievements we have made, in addition to rely on the general staff's pioneering efforts and struggle, and all customers friends for many years support inseparable. I sincerely thank you for your!
       "As much as I can, do the best". Zhongnan Machinery will be as in the past, continuous innovation, constantly expanding, and strive to the best products, best service dedicated to the society.
       We believe that, with your support and encouragement, we will become more and more fast pace!


Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd.

The Chairman: Xu Guan

January 1, 2014


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