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Group Profile

                  Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Zhongnan Machinery) was established in 2000 June, the registered capital of 38110000 yuan. After ten years of development, has now developed into a large scale professional mechanical design and precision machinery manufacturing enterprise group, and in Foshan, Gaoyao, Xiamen, Xi'an such as the establishment of a plurality of precision machining, metal surface treatment, CNC machine tool manufacturing and other mechanical products processing base.
           The company introduced from abroad a variety of advanced precision machining equipment, surface strengthening equipment and testing instrument processing, have all the cold and hot processing ability. Company in 2002 through the ISO9001 company TUV quality system certification, and obtain 8 domestic and international classification society certification of products. In 2012, the company is the Guangdong provincial science and Technology Agency identified as "high-tech enterprises".
          The products involved in shipbuilding, electric power, CNC machine tools, medical equipment, elevators and other industries, the main products include: large and medium-sized diesel engine key parts, oil exploration robot, high voltage switch parts, medical equipment parts of machine, elevator mechanical parts, electronic and electrical appliances mold, CNC machine tools, screw type air compressor and engineering machinery etc..
         Now, the company has become more than the world's top companies, such as MAN, Wartsila, Schlumberger, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi heavy industries and other partners. The company developed the "marine diesel engine common rail unit" breaking the foreign technical barriers, to fill the domestic blank, and successfully applied in large - long, ships and so on a ship. The company developed the "FWH-4" series of horizontal machining center are sold at home and abroad, well received by customers.
        Zhongnan Machinery will always uphold the "dedication, hard work, innovation" business philosophy, continue to carry out technical innovation and management innovation, and strive to provide more high-quality, mechanical products with high technology content and high quality service for the customer.
The company address: Guangdong Province Foshan City Guangfo highway Nanhai Yanbu Hengjiang section
Tel: 0757-85770888
Fax: 0757-85772842

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