Elevator equipment

Key mechanical parts of elevator equipment


一、Drag reducer box


二、Escalator sprocket



     In our efforts, South Central Machinery in the southeast region to become the benchmark for the elevator accessories, is the southeast region by the vast number of merchants welcome to the production vendors, the elevator industry has been praised, to provide customers with quality service, many years of unremitting efforts, we have a solid strength, to South central machinery company laid a solid foundation. We have always been to the quality of survival, to serve as the support, to the good faith for the concept, to develop as the company's business philosophy, in addition, our company with Schneider, Japan,, Shanghai, and many other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers to establish a good stable cooperative relations.


Parts machining parts of the elevator


扶手帶推動鏈輪Handrail drive sprocket 減速箱座Reducer Housing 鏈輪Sprocket wheel
     軸承蓋Bearing cover 輸出軸側蓋Output shaft cover 制動側蓋Brake side cover


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